Aadhi raat ko jo muskarane pe majboor karde

Bina kahe apne rang mai dhalne lage

Dhalte suraj ke saath gheri soch mai daalde

Magar ye toh ishq hai janaab,

Yaha socha nahi jaata

Ladha jaata hai

Kabhi duniya se

Toh kabhi khud se

Yaha cheena jaata hai,

Apna haq bhi aur apni khushiyan bhi

Kyuki ye ishq hai janaab,

Maangne waale bahut hai

Aur dene waale sirf muthi bhar

Ab inko kaun samjhaye ki,

Dorr kheechne se dorr toot jaati hai

Khushiyan cheen ne se khushiyan chhut jaati hai

Magar ye toh ishq hai janaab,

Iss mehfil mai samjhaya bhi kaha hee jaata hai

What day is it?

A little of me
That i am
A little scribble in abandon
As am not
Loosely held together
All inside one another
Not separate or different
Neither mundane nor magic
You are with you
And i with existence
Wishing to restart
Erase oneself

A thread.

Aasman jitna khoobsurat hai
Utna hee toh hai badnaam
Nigalti toh zameen hai
Fir kyu upar dhundu
Jante huye bhi ki ye hi bekaam

Udh jaana chahu bhi
Toh dhaage rok lete hai
Aisa kya hai uss
Hawa ke beech;
Btana chahti hun mai
Ki upar jaake
Badlo ke beech
Mai khatam nahi
Amar hojaungi
Tum dorr toh chhoro
Ek do taare tumhare liye bhi le aaungi.

एक तरफ़ा

Aaj fir khaali thi

Kuch bacha hee nahi

Na pyaar,na dhokha

Baat toh intzaar ki thi

Log kehte rehgye

Ki kahani adhuri hai

Lekin hmare dil nahi toot te

Mukkamal mohabbat bhi toh hmari hai

Aage badhe bhi toh kaise

Dene ko kuch bacha hee nahi

Jab naseeb mai hee ho zkham

Toh gulaab chala hee nahi


Aaj baat hmari nahi

Meri thi

Do hanso ki kahani nahi

Mere ek tarfe pyaar ki thi

Words unspoken

Sticked in me

What is it

That i have to flee

Not curable

I am fine

‘It is in me’

for queer is mine

Mine will it be

For years and years


For that we need a cure

Cure for you

And not for me


Love is love

And not a war.

A part of emptiness is emptiness.

Strings getting detached and threads breaking
The cost of life is falling
Know you are self dying
Because there is only one you in this maze
Of future,past and of desires
Getting deep freezed while dreams crack
Avoiding the butterflies,knowingly
Hanging in there;
Begging time,for i need healing
And then,there it will be
It is said
That the past is dead
But you know it will never be so

The string of sound is of no help anymore,
A few voices
A few words
Not in sequence;all perplex
Nothing but two go throughs
Live with it
Or lose yourself

It’s not happening the way it happens
Four in the morning
Scratching my ear
Stroking the hair
Pure silence
All i can hear is a noise
inside my head
which is coming from me,to me

I am invisible
invisible to the world
inside the four walls
only i know of the feeling of no feeling
feel love or assurance
because you have always been this way
lonely and crying

Minutes passing;
water running into the drain,
no one can listen
listen me screaming
or to the cigarette burning,
for in that moment
I am breathing
but i cannot see
cannot see anything
over the water in my eyes.

As i lay down,
I feel nothing
but another day passing.

Ears are full,
Understanding is done
Reality still not accepted;
Maybe,it has pulled me away
from sanity,
from mental stability,
Or maybe,it has pushed me
so hard
Naked;on the pavement
that I am feeling the pain
yet,there are no marks
no discolouration
Or maybe,the bruises are on the inside
that is opaque to us
all of us
So,we continue living
in the world of disagreement
full of chaos;
less of people.